IVON, “DJ/ Producer who loves to entertain people with her energetic style of mixing Techno and Tech House” That is how IVON describes herself as a DJ. Having grown up on her fathers love for several music styles she was influenced by jazz, soul and funky music. Today, this translates into sets where she combines […]

Besty Fritz, hailing from Italy and born in 1986, started to DJ in 2003. He grew a passion for music since his childhood and started to play percussion drums and watch others DJ’s play music. Visiting gigs of DJ’s like, Ralf,Francesco Farfa, Claudio Coccoluto, Alex Neri, Laurent Garnier, Satoshi Tomiie, Carl Cox, Sven Väth, Jeff Mills and many more, he was clubbing and getting inspired from a young age. Besty experimented with a lot of genres like, House Music, Tech House, Minimal, and Techno.

In the Summer of 1994, at the age of 16, Sergio Tee started to work as a dancer in the hottest club of Europe; discotheque iT in Amsterdam. Many years later, in 2011, he decided to do learn mixing on a simple mixer and started with using all those iT records he had collected over […]

Desiray Saija is born and raised in one of the World’s major Ports – Rotterdam. Her parents encouraged her to practice classical ballet and listen to various kinds of music from an early age. This is how her wide interest in music first began to bloom. She grew up with the sounds of Soul, Funk, […]

As a kid Rudaki moved to Amsterdam and everything was new to be explored. During high school, Rudaki most of the time was skipping class to go crate digging in Amsterdam. Nothing could make him happier by coming home with fresh new vinyl’s. Hours of searching in record shops for that little gem which he could use to perfectionate his set and improve his mixing skills. Under his former alias he particularly was a well seen artist in the after-party scene, where he regularly played long hour sets which helped him to become that skilled DJ who knows how to keep on entertaining his audience by storytelling sets. Expect raw techno mixed with epic harmonies combined with nasty acid lines. A well balanced mix to create the right vibe!

With Spanish roots but raised in the Netherlands, Julian joined the illegal rave scene of Amsterdam in the early 1990s and started performing as a DJ in 1994. He played clubs like the infamous Fun Factory, Club 114, the Megafestatie and was an often seen guest DJ for ID&T. His repertoire ranges from Oldskool, Acid, Happy Hardcore to Techno.

I can make a whole room fall in love with music. DJ-ing is not about choosing a few tunes; it's about generating shared moods and understanding the feelings of a group of people, directing them to a better place. Basically, my records create rituals of spiritual communion that can be the most powerful events in people's lives. I'm never trying to be better than everyone else, just better than myself. It's not just for the love of music; it's an exquisite passion that goes far beyond liking.

PRonX brings energy. With his variety tunes, going from Jazzy Sounds, Disco, Funk, House, Deep House, Melodic House and other cool stuff he can cater to any crowd.

A female touch of DeepHouse, TechHouse, Melodic and Techno

Familiar with many movements and genres but always with a groove. His music style ranges from: Electro & Tech House as well as: Minimal, House, Acid & Techno. As a true crate digger he spends a lot of time looking for the unknown gems that make his sets and flow unique. Be prepared to discover, experience and engage in new music.

Life is good is the motto of the Rotterdam based raver Denn Punk.
And it surely works infectiously on the dance floor when you see this epicurean behind the decks. 
 His DJ sets are filled with exclusive tracks which circle around in a selective group of producers. Expect pumping beats, hard kicks combined with dark grimy sounds. Always trying to find that perfect combo for him and her!

Amsterdam based DJ and upcomming producer REAUXELL has been breathing music since the first day of his life. As a passionate music lover, he has a strong preference for electronic music. As a young boy he grew up in Amsterdam and always wanted to show the latest music to his friends. With his cassette tapes as his tools, he was ready to operate the REC and PLAY buttons, so he could record the so-called "Import" music via the local Amsterdam radio stations. In addition to playing his favorite music, REAUXELL is also one of the Hosts/resident DJ at Radio show Triple R Tuesday at AMW.FM, and he also successfully launched the KOLOSSEUM Festival in 2019 together with his co-founders. As a DJ you can describe REAUXELL as an enthusiast, TECHNO has his preference but Deep Tech, AFRO, Tech House/Slapfunk are also often found in his playlists. His love for music does not stop with playing music, producing music is also one of his qualities.

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