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The Legend continues and it’s more than alive.

The highly acclaimed AMW.FM = Amsterdams Most Wanted, was established in 2001 via Dance Radio and Lazer FM.

Running weekly from Friday night to Sunday evening, there were non-stop broadcast and live programs hosted by Dennis Ruijer, Dave Middenboom, Mike Simbello, Counterpoint as well as others. Several of these founding presenters became well-known DJs at the renowned Dutch radio station; “Radio 538.”

During the era of pirate radio, the Lazer FM crew searched for high rooftops, and soon they found one suitable to install their transmitters.
Eventually, they placed transmitters all over Amsterdam and surrounding areas. The infamous “Chimney in Diemen”, “Maxis” (Dutch Walmart), Tax Authority Buildings (Belastingdienst), Bijlmer (Flats), KPN tower, Cranes, Crystal Tower, and many construction sites became the network and voice of Dance Radio and Lazer FM.

They gained media attention and eventually, RTL made a documentary about pirate radio in the Netherlands and showed everyone how it’s done properly. At the climax of their series, the police became aware and began removing the transmitters. They didn’t know that on the other side of the building, there were crews on standby to place a new transmitter within ten minutes. This game of cat and mouse with the police was the birth of Amsterdam’s Most Wanted.

AMW.FM began as an online radio station and international music platform. It is an community and creative breeding ground, but most of all an independent non-profit organization.
AMW has managed to create a rich history for itself over the course of many years with several milestones including the ADE 24/5 DJ marathon and their partnership with Pioneer DJ.

Still going strong and doing this with the absolute pleasure of sharing awesome music daily to their worldwide listeners straight out of Amsterdam.

AMW supports local talented DJs, producers, and established international names by providing them the tools to share their craft around the world. A big thank you to everyone who is involved and worked with us and still is!

“AMW” tries to uplift your state of mind by providing you the best within electronic music such as House and Techno. No goal is too high for us. We would like to introduce you to our world of imagination, temptation, and pleasure. Get interactive on our site. Watch our live AMW studio cam and join our chat box.

Let our music make you move!

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