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Written by on April 13, 2017

“My production Black Riot “A Day In The Life” was huge as far as me creating my own music and sound: 10 Questions to Todd Terry”

1. How is it going with your record labels Inhouse records and Terminator Records and what can we expect this year ?

Todd Terry:Everything is great, Inhouse is growing and we will be doing a live event component this year in New York, Miami, Amsterdam and Ibiza called “InHouse presents” featuring talent sign to the label.

Terminator is brand new and just catching fire as we are putting down roots in the Techno scene, and we will be having a showcase at the Movement Festival in Detroit this year.

2. What is your inspiration when you produce your music, does it come from when your traveling or from personal experiences, and what is your workflow when you produce a track?

Todd Terry: Everything comes into play, what I’m hearing on the road from other DJs, what is on the charts, movie soundtracks, everything and anything can influence what I’m creating.

3. Which record of yours changed your life completely?

Todd Terry: My production Black Riot “A Day In The Life” was huge as far as me creating my own music and sound, and I can’t dismiss the impact my remix of ETBTG “Missing” had not only on my career but on all of remix culture.

4. Let’s take it back. What is your favorite memory or bizarre moment during your live performances throughout the years?

Todd Terry: Someone coming up to the booth and asking me to play Britney Spears

4. What goes usually through your mind 30 min before you go onto the decks performing?

Todd Terry: I’m reading the room to get a sense of how I want to kick off my set, after that it just happens. I mix live off of USB’s, there is no set pre-programmed when you come to see me.

5. What makes Todd Terry different from every other House DJ in the world?

Todd Terry: Come out and see me live and judge for yourself, that and I do play a bunch of my own records.

6. What place would you call your home ? Brooklyn and Atlanta We heard some rumours that you are thinking about to move to Amsterdam, is this true ?

Todd Terry : I love Amsterdam, but that is news to me.

7. If you weren’t traveling around the world as a DJ, what would you be doing for a living ?

Todd Terry : Driving race cars and getting speeding tickets.

8. Last month the ADE 2017 dates got announced, it will be from the 18th until 22nd of October and it’s the 22nd edition. if you look back to your first ADE until last year, what does it mean for you?

Todd Terry: So many great shows over the years at ADE, it has been great to watch it grow over the years to the global force it is today.

I will be back in 2017, would not miss it, I will be bringing my InHouse party back this year and also a party for my Techno label Terminator Records.

I hope to do another O.W.A.P again this year. O.W.A.P is always a highlight of the ADE week for me.

9. If I have done my homework correctly, last year (2016) you played on 11 gigs in the Netherlands.
What is the total amount of gigs you played in The Netherlands and how do you see the House scene around here.

I don’t know the exact number but I think in 2017 there will be even more in the Netherlands.
ADE, the clubs in Amsterdam and Rotterdam, plus a bunch of Festivals over the summer.

Follow here to stay up to date : Todd Terry Touring Agenda

10. If you are in Amsterdam what are your favorite spots and your favorite Dutch DJ’s ?

Todd Terry: I love them all, I don’t want to leave anyone out. See you soon.

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