Ondergronds Verzetje [Underground Resistance] was created at the end of April 2018 when four heroes put their heads together. These heroes felt that something had to be done about the trampling. Coincidentally, it was almost Liberation Day and we decided to take action. After several days of exploration, we found on the evening before Liberation Day a nice building in Duivendrecht with the allure of a warehouse and we decided on the spot that this was the excellent location to recruit more heroes. The rest is history as you probably know. On that liberation day in 2018 freedom was celebrated as only true party heroes can. The party was a blast and we still get great responses to this day when we resisted the trampling and patronizing in the house scene.

After that, Ondergronds Verzetje was unstoppable. Since then they have been organizing underground raves in parks and old warehouses and have set up their own radio station under the name Radio Tegendraads, which is broadcast every week via Amsterdam’s Most Wanted. During the Covid crisis, Ondergronds Verzetje never stopped organizing these underground raves and in 2022 everything will come into place after the society opened, they have already organized three big fat raves at a great underground warehouse somewhere in Amsterdam.

During the broadcasts of Radio Tegendraads [Radio Contrarian] maintenance Ondergronds Verzetje the contact with the audience. The show focuses on Techno, Old School, Tech House and Freestyle, as on the events of Ondergronds Verzetje. The hosts of the show consisting of Jimmy More, Stereo Noise, and Do Sol will also update you on what is going on in the scene. You can expect interviews according to the only answer with yes or no principle with unexpected guests from the scene! A short agenda will be presented highlighting events that we think you should not miss. Furthermore, in every broadcast, they will put the people out of our scene in the spotlight who have their birthday in the week that comes.