We love melodic music and we are not afraid of mixing styles.
Melodic and Deep tunes from Berin mixed with some Latin or Afro-house.
Or throw in some jazzy tunes, and we will make it possible because we love FUSION.

Our inspiration
Melodic Fusion started with one idea, a beach club. Not a specific beach club, no we like all beach clubs.
The fancy ones, the underground ones, the ones where hippies go.
We just like beach clubs. The music we play would be played in these beach clubs.
One time we could play a chique and fancy deep house set, the other time we could play a vibrant Latin style or maybe a jazzy sound

Afternoon lounge
In our weekly radio show on Amsterdam Most Wanted we start with a deep house mix that could have been played in our beach club
In hour two our show would represent the same beach club from the first hour, but then after sunset. Put on your dancing shoes and enjoy these Melodic Dance Tunes