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Growing up going to the first raves in the ‘90s and listening to tapes with Chicago house and Detroit techno resulted in a big love for dance music that’s still present up until today. Always looking for cool tracks, listening for nights in a row and playing music for friends when two years ago the time came to step out of the living room and to take place behind the desks for a bigger audience. My style can best be described as warm, deep, melodic and always based on an elegant groove. In my sets, I love to create a flow and generate a vibe of energy and unity.

Randy Knobs is an electronic music enthusiast by heart. Besides the fact that he is a resident DJ for the Amsterdam based East Techno Collective, one of the hosts of Triple R Tuesday on, he also kicked off the annual Kolosseum Festival in the woods of Almere this year. As a DJ, his signature is high energy techno with a constant drive and a lot of percussions. Recently he started exploring the more laid back side of techno: Deep, melodic and minimalistic with Afro influences. With this broad range of music, Randy Knobs takes you on a journey where you will dance, completely lose yourself in euphoria and finally end up stomping your feet on the ground with a big smile on your face. As a producer, Randy Knobs gets his inspiration from jazz music. He tries to incorporate improvisation and rare one-shot sounds in both his music and DJ sets. Kolosseum Festival, Club NL, Panama, De CLUB and diverse boat parties on the canals of Amsterdam are just a few places where Randy Knobs laid down his deep and driving sounds onto the crowd.

Alec Bryar got infected by music at a very young age. Mostly soul, rock 'n roll and R&B is where he grew up with. At a young age, he started using his vinyl decks, which he got from his grandfather and father. Early 90's he got inspired by the famous Thunderdome events in the Netherlands. Soon he fell in love with more swinging beats mid 90's of DJ ROOG, Erik E, DJ Jean. The raves and parties in and around Amsterdam were a dance paradise at that time, the DJ's became legends. After many years Alec Bryar decided to follow his love and passion for music and is now working on his own career as DJ/Producer. Soulful/Funky, Electro/Progressive, Deep/Techno, Latin/Afro influences in his sets will not make you want to move the dance area.

T-Gray is a true dance-entrepeneur. Beside hosting his own club nights and running a long lasting radio show, he is a seasoned allround DJ with a track record of roof raising crowds all over the Amsterdam club circuit. As a DJ, T-Gray is one of those rare allrounders who can go go in-depth in every genre he masters. He moves from classics to house but is also a force to rely on when it comes to his beloved and signature deephouse and melodic techno. Panama, Hotel Arena, Club NL, Recycle Lounge Gallery Club, Schuim and Club Lite are just a few of the prime Dutch clubs where T-Gray played his distinguished deep and groovy sounds. When his booking schedule lets him, T-Gray throws one of his own partys at various locations. At those nights, T-Gray invites seasoned colleagues ánd gives room to upcoming dj-talent.

Edsonius is a Funky & Groovy House DJ of exceptional quality. Inspired by House music of the late 80s and 90s, he creates unequaled energy on any dance floor. Due to his relatives, he grew up with a broad range of genres like Latin, pop, soul, funk, disco which has inspired him to the sound that he developed today. His passion for DJing emerged at the end of 2015 when he played in a club for the first time. 2016 he took his passion for music to the next level and co-created an evening at Club NL in Amsterdam called "EXKlusive." Also, at the Art'Otel in Amsterdam Edsonius played successful DJ sets.

Sous Dubois is a DJ/producer within electronic music, and he is born and raised in the south side of Amsterdam that began his DJ career in 2015. As a young kid, he was influenced by various sounds such as Acid, Disco, Hardcore, Hip-hop, House, Rai, R&B, and Reggae it was during the era of cassettes and radio. When he heard Joey Beltram's Energy flash during the 90s on the radio for the very first time he was "blown away" and thought: "I don't know what the hell this is but it's freaking awesome and I want to be a part of this!"

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