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Alec Bryar got infected by music at a very young age. Mostly soul, rock 'n roll and R&B is where he grew up with. At a young age, he started using his vinyl decks, which he got from his grandfather and father. Early 90's he got inspired by the famous Thunderdome events in the Netherlands. Soon he fell in love with more swinging beats mid 90's of DJ ROOG, Erik E, DJ Jean. The raves and parties in and around Amsterdam were a dance paradise at that time, the DJ's became legends. After many years Alec Bryar decided to follow his love and passion for music and is now working on his own career as DJ/Producer. Soulful/Funky, Electro/Progressive, Deep/Techno, Latin/Afro influences in his sets will not make you want to move the dance area.

Sous Dubois is a DJ/producer within electronic music, and he is born and raised in the south side of Amsterdam that began his DJ career in 2015. As a young kid, he was influenced by various sounds such as Acid, Disco, Hardcore, Hip-hop, House, Rai, R&B, and Reggae it was during the era of cassettes and radio. When he heard Joey Beltram's Energy flash during the 90s on the radio for the very first time he was "blown away" and thought: "I don't know what the hell this is but it's freaking awesome and I want to be a part of this!"

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