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I can make a whole room fall in love with music. DJ-ing is not about choosing a few tunes; it's about generating shared moods and understanding the feelings of a group of people, directing them to a better place. Basically, my records create rituals of spiritual communion that can be the most powerful events in people's lives. I'm never trying to be better than everyone else, just better than myself. It's not just for the love of music; it's an exquisite passion that goes far beyond liking.

A female touch of DeepHouse, TechHouse, Melodic and Techno

Familiar with many movements and genres but always with a groove. His music style ranges from: Electro & Tech House as well as: Minimal, House, Acid & Techno. As a true crate digger he spends a lot of time looking for the unknown gems that make his sets and flow unique. Be prepared to discover, experience and engage in new music.

DiscaTech is an electronic music duo with the love and passion for music and known for the unique style of mixing tracks together as one. The sound of DiscaTech spans Tech House combined with a touch of Disco. All this in a combination with high energy and creativity in their sets results in a mix mash of Groovy & Funky beats.

Amsterdam based DJ and upcomming producer REAUXELL has been breathing music since the first day of his life. As a passionate music lover, he has a strong preference for electronic music. As a young boy he grew up in Amsterdam and always wanted to show the latest music to his friends. With his cassette tapes as his tools, he was ready to operate the REC and PLAY buttons, so he could record the so-called "Import" music via the local Amsterdam radio stations. In addition to playing his favorite music, REAUXELL is also one of the Hosts/resident DJ at Radio show Triple R Tuesday at AMW.FM, and he also successfully launched the KOLOSSEUM Festival in 2019 together with his co-founders. As a DJ you can describe REAUXELL as an enthusiast, TECHNO has his preference but Deep Tech, AFRO, Tech House/Slapfunk are also often found in his playlists. His love for music does not stop with playing music, producing music is also one of his qualities.

As a Private driver FAB aka Fabian got in touch with several famous DJs as a driver and got hooked on the house music scene. During sessions with famous DJ's FAB was learning the ropes while they played and gave him advice on how to grow as a DJ by their side.Music style:
From Latin till tribal, techno, dance, Funky to Pumping Clubhouse tech house

Growing up going to the first raves in the ‘90s and listening to tapes with Chicago house and Detroit techno resulted in a big love for dance music that’s still present up until today. Always looking for cool tracks, listening for nights in a row and playing music for friends when two years ago the time came to step out of the living room and to take place behind the desks for a bigger audience. My style can best be described as warm, deep, melodic and always based on an elegant groove. In my sets, I love to create a flow and generate a vibe of energy and unity.

Alec Bryar got infected by music at a very young age. Mostly soul, rock 'n roll and R&B is where he grew up with. At a young age, he started using his vinyl decks, which he got from his grandfather and father. Early 90's he got inspired by the famous Thunderdome events in the Netherlands. Soon he fell in love with more swinging beats mid 90's of DJ ROOG, Erik E, DJ Jean. The raves and parties in and around Amsterdam were a dance paradise at that time, the DJ's became legends. After many years Alec Bryar decided to follow his love and passion for music and is now working on his own career as DJ/Producer. Soulful/Funky, Electro/Progressive, Deep/Techno, Latin/Afro influences in his sets will not make you want to move the dance area.

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