Sergio Tee / Resident DJ

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In the Summer of 1994, at the age of 16, Sergio Tee started to work as a dancer in the hottest club of Europe; discotheque iT in Amsterdam.
Many years later, in 2011, he decided to do learn mixing on a simple mixer and started with using all those iT records he had collected over the years during his job as a club dancer. In 2015 he started with his own events in Leiden in a club called De Kroon, the Dutch word for Crown.

And so Crown House was born. The concept was simple and cool, Sergio was the main DJ and every month he invited guest DJs like DJ Jean, Robert Feelgood, Mike Scot, Boran Ece and many more. In 2018 Sergio Tee played the big stage during Amsterdam Pride in front thousands of people on Dam Square in Amsterdam and since then he played on many big venues all over the world. With Rough Y Bianco Records he made two records and there is more to come.

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