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I can make a whole room fall in love with music. DJ-ing is not about choosing a few tunes; it’s about generating shared moods and understanding the feelings of a group of people, directing them to a better place. Basically, my records create rituals of spiritual communion that can be the most powerful events in people’s lives. I’m never trying to be better than everyone else, just better than myself. It’s not just for the love of music; it’s an exquisite passion that goes far beyond liking.

I find music essential in my life and I want it to be felt properly by everyone around me. There’s nothing better than making people happy, than seeing them get up from their table and start dancing or like the expression on their face whenever they hear a song they love. I’ve never been taught by someone else on how to DJ.
I’ve just been inspired and learned how to put my own style into it. A lot of work and thinking goes into all my sets.

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