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Randy Knobs is an electronic music enthusiast by heart.
Besides the fact that he is a resident DJ for the Amsterdam based East Techno Collective, one of the hosts of Triple R Tuesday on amw.fm, he also kicked off the annual Kolosseum Festival in the woods of Almere this year.

As a DJ, his signature is high energy techno with a constant drive and a lot of percussions.
Recently he started exploring the more laid back side of techno: Deep, melodic and minimalistic with Afro influences.
With this broad range of music, Randy Knobs takes you on a journey where you will dance, completely lose yourself in euphoria and finally end up stomping your feet on the ground with a big smile on your face.

As a producer, Randy Knobs gets his inspiration from jazz music.
He tries to incorporate improvisation and rare one-shot sounds in both his music and DJ sets.

Kolosseum Festival, Club NL, Panama, De CLUB and diverse boat parties on the canals of Amsterdam are just a few places where Randy Knobs laid down his deep and driving sounds onto the crowd.

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