Bitterzoet (Bittersweet) is a club but also a venue for live music and offers a variety of music genres. For instance one day you can expect a noisy punk band and another day an intimate concert by a singer-songwriter. Bitterzoet’s mission is to offer a spot in Amsterdam where well known as well as upcoming dj’s, bands and other performing artists get a chance to experiment and perform in a warm intimate setting. Everyday we have a different program, this might mean that one day you’ll have the best night ever and the other you might not like what’s going on.

House Rules

– Minimum age 18+ (clubnights only).
– Visitors must be at least 18 years old. When in doubt, you might be asked for a form of identification. If you can’t present any identification, you will be denied access.
– When entering Bitterzoet, you knowingly agree to a possible body search (frisking). If you refuse to cooperate, access can be denied.
– No aggression or racism.
– Upon behaviour, that is perceived as harassing, threatening, intimidated or unwanted by other visitors or our employees, entrance can be denied. Should this happen in the location you can be given a warning or you will be – removed from the venue.
– We reserve the right to refuse groups larger than 4 people.
– Should the security suspect that the guest is under the influence of alcohol or drugs, the guest may be denied access.
– Use of lockers for coats is obligated.
– Smoking is only allowd in the smoking area upstairs. Violations of this rule, can result in a penalty and guests can be removed from Bitterzoet. Official penalties can be charged to the offender.
– We have camera’s looking over our and your belongings. Everyone visiting our venue agrees to this by entering the venue.
– In emergency circumstances you should ALWAYS follow the instructions from the staff.
– The management accepts no responsibility for any injury and/or missing or damaged goods.

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