Where to upload nowadays ?

Every Artist, Producer, DJ, or Radiohost is sharing recordings for years now on the Internet.
There are several platforms to market yourself with, we chose three different platforms where two have particularly the biggest reachibility.

With this so called “Social Media Sound Platforms” you can create a fanbase or you can use it just to digg music by creating playlists and so on.
First platform we’re kicking off with is Soundcloud.


Everybody is loving Soundcloud, but it’s been under fire recently for handing over the keys to the kingdom of the music industry.
As a result, lots of legitimate music is being deleted, and artists and bands are looking elsewhere.

Soundcloud is still a great place to discover new music and share your own on mixes and mashups.
We all still love it, but everyone knows that their service gave music labels complete and unsupervised access to users’ music and accounts.

That means that if the label decide your mix, cover, or mashup infringes on their copyrights, even when it doesn’t, the label can delete it.
Leaving you with no recourse once you discoverd your music is gone.

Soundcloud groups

SoundCloud’s Groups feature allowed anyone to create a Group of music which people could become members of and add tracks to, like social playlisting.
Soundcloud decided to phase out Groups on Monday, August 22nd 2016 to make room for future updates.

They dug into the best ways for curators on their point of view to connect with artists and fans.
Soundcloud stated that Groups were’nt working as well as reposts and curated playlists.

Since the group feature is gone there is less interaction between DJ’s and Producers also less plays or activities for the unkown, so we lost a big promotion tool.
Also we did not see a new feature, well one to be eactly the “station” feature but in our humble opinion we find it useless.

The station feature enables you to discover new tracks, save them and it’s easy to tap into a long stream of music related to your favorite tracks.

Our conclusion is that Soundcloud is not the place to be anymore nowadays.


Mixcloud is already a host to a number of great radio shows, podcasts, and DJs.
The service boasts mobile apps for on-the-go listening, and easy tools for musicians to upload tracks and share them with their audience.

They offer more space than Soundcloud, pays royalties out to artists, and promises not to take down your music just because someone asked them to.
Mixcloud has a huge following with electronic music fans and DJs, so it’s a natural place to look if you’re interested in that, but the genres and artists run deeper.

Since Mixcloud is popular with radio DJs as well, you can expect to find lots of big names who upload their radioshow podcast weekly.

Mixcloud has no group feature and it’s a closed community in our humble opinnion.
On the other hand they have a DJ competition feature, a promotion tool that will cost you 7 euro a day (not cheap though).


Our first look and feel was is this an old version of a Soundcloud copy ?
The similarity is obvious, waveforms, time, comments, buttons under the player and yes…. GROUPS !!!
All what was good on Soundcloud is on Hearthis.at !

After digging we found out that it is far more then a soundcloud copy
It is an over-powered alter ego on steroids, with a lot of functionalities that it’s main concurrent seems to be not interested in.
One feature we like is based on Maps, lets say you type in “Amsterdam” you can check who uploaded a track or set recently !

Some bulletpoints :

  • No time limit for uploads (!!)
  • Temporary playlist (!!!)
  • You can link other artists to your tracks (participants) (!!!!)
  • Multi-language website (English, French, German)
  • Download Button for players embed (natively)
  • RSS feeds for artists (!!)
  • It is possible to have several accounts linked together
  • You can import tracks directly from SoundCloud
  • Share to Download
  • Chat
  • Streaming from the source file, without reconversion (!!)
  • Customization of pages and players
  • Download playlist as ZIP
  • Paid downloads

Ofcourse soundcloud is still the key player and we hope that they continue developing on their website and taking the desire of the community in consideration.
Hearthis.at is not as big as Soundcloud yet but we think it’s a matter of time.

Price differences and features of Soundcloud, Mixcloud and Herathis.at


  • SoundCloud Pro Unlimited €8/month or €75/year
  • Upload without limits
  • See which cities your listeners are in
  • See the web pages and apps your tracks are played


  • Very strict copyright which might make it hard for you as a DJ.
  • The site is actively working with labels to police and license their music, raising concerns of falsely flagged takedowns.

Audio playback quality

Original upload quality for downloads.
128kbps joint stereo MP3 for streaming.

Mixcloud :

  • Pro account is €9 per month or €79 per year.
  • Track your listeners
  • Scheduled publishing
  • Turn off discussions
  • Pin mixes to the top of your profile
  • Re-arrange playlists and tabs
  • Unlisted content
  • No ads


  • US users can’t scrub backwards, no timeline.
  • There is a maximum number of tracks from an artist you can have in your mix.

Audio playback quality

  • Although there is nothing on the support site to suggest what the audio bitrate might be for streaming, there’s talk it is around 192kbps


Costs and Features

  • Pro account costs €19 per year
  • Upload is allowed until 20.000 plays
  • Upload is allowed until 10.000 downloads
  • Higher position in search results
  • Hide statistics
  • +100 Peaks (credit points)
  • Higher position on Artists category page
  • Disable automatic playlist tagging
  • Premium account costs €29 per year
  • Upload UNLIMITED music
  • WAV, AIF, M4A, AAC, OGG file support
  • Top position in search results
  • Top position on Artists category page
  • Choose your waveform color for detail page
  • Two different waveform styles: soft or digitized
  • 96, 128, 192, 256, 320 kbit/s or original play quality
  • Preferred Music transcoding
  • Direct downloads
  • Hide statistics
  • +200 Peaks (credit points)
  • No ads
  • Templates for Music page
  • Disable automatic playlist tagging


  • Free version is limited to only 5,000 plays or 2,000 downloads of your entire collection before it stops you uploading any new content.

Audio playback quality

  • 128 kbit/s, CBR, joint stereo. With a Premium Account upgrade, you can define the bitrate on your own.

So what will be your choice at the end of the day, please post some comments about this topic on our Facebook page.

To be continued !

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