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October 13, 2019

Dear Friends / Music Enthusiasts and DJ’s! Three days to go and it’s that time of the year again where the dance world reunites for five days in Amsterdam. The Amsterdam Dance Event (ADE) is both a music conference and festival and is widely recognized as the global meeting point for the creative industry around […]

AMW.FM Hamerstraat2-6 1021 JV Amsterdam Amsterdam, October 13, 2019 Amsterdam Dance Event 2019, better known as ADE is only a few days away and we couldn’t be more excited! The dance music world reunites on October 16th for 5 days of festivities, and panels to celebrate dance music, and showcase the hottest talents of today […]

18-04-2017, 11:00 To all the Produces and DJ’s out there that are building on their network or the ones that needs some tips ! You can produce tracks or play wicked DJ sets and have BIG plans to achieve something in the music industry, there is one golden rule that applies for almost everything in […]

13-04-2017, 16:35 “My production Black Riot “A Day In The Life” was huge as far as me creating my own music and sound: 10 Questions to Todd Terry” 1. How is it going with your recordlabels Inhouse records and Terminator Records and what can we expect this year ? Todd Terry :Everything is great, Inhouse […]

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March 16, 2017

Hi All, Share the news !! Former Amsterdam radiopirate AMW will legally go back into the air. AMW will use a channelslot on the local DAB+ frequency in Zandvoort the Netherlands. AMW is after illegal broadcasts in the past and nowadays allready for a few years an internet only online radiostation. AMW is the abbreviation […]

From the DJ History archives: the influential DJ/producer talks at length about Ron Hardy, Frankie Knuckles and the early days of “Chicago jack” Chip E Courtesy of Chip E From his position working behind the counter at Importes, Etc, Irwin “Chip E” Eberhart saw up close and was instrumental in some of the key changes in Chicago’s […]