RADION Amsterdam is a new cultural venue in the capital of Holland. The location used to be the Faculty of Dentistry of VU University Amsterdam (ACTA) but got abandoned 4 years ago. The former student restaurant and lecture hall got transformed into a cultural venue for day and night programming.

Through a club/concert hall, bar, restaurant, cinema and exposition area RADION will bring people together and stimulate creativity. A place for dancing, live-music, theatre, art, exhibitions, performances, food markets, debates & lectures and other creative get-togethers and much more.

At RADION we handle certain house rules to make sure every guest can fully enjoy his visit. The rules hail from the Koninklijke Horeca Nederland.

1. Always follow crew instructions
To protect your own and other people’s safety you can be frisked. In case the visitor will not allow the examination, access will be declined. Decisions made by our security guards are pivotal. Our security guards remain the right to deny access to a visitor, even if the visitor has a valid entrance ticket.

2. Before entering the building your ID can be checked
Our visitors are obliged to be 18 years or older. One must be able to prove this through a valid ID card. Visitors who reject to show their ID will be declined. Decisions made by our security guards are pivotal.

3. No weapons or drugs
Access will be denied to visitors who are visibly under influence of alcohol or drugs. Dealing drugs is highly prohibited. When dealing or the use of hard-drugs is ascertained, de drugs in question will be seized en the person in question will be handed over to the police. Future entry to RADION might be forbidden.

Carrying weapons or objects that can be used as a weapon are highly prohibited. When a firearm is found we will inform the police at any time and future entry to RADION will be forbidden.

4. No sexual harassment
Visitors who show unpleasant, threatening, intimidating or unwanted behaviour will get a warning at first. When the behaviour is repeated the visitor will be removed from RADION. In that case future entry might be forbidden.

5. No aggression or racism
We expect a relaxed attitude and behaviour from all of our visitors. Aggression in tone of voice or attitude will not be accepted and in that case entry will be denied.

6. No trouble making
We will not give entry to people who, in whatever form, cause harassment to the environment. Visitors who have caused problems of any kind before might not be let in.

7. Dress properly
RADION remains the right to deny access based on inappropriate clothing. We do not allow t-shirts or other garment with logo’s form soccer clubs on them.

8. Do not bring or consume your own food or drinks
It is forbidden neither to take your own food or beverages inside nor to consume them inside or at the terrace.

9. Glasses and bottles must stay inside or on the terrace
Visitors are not allowed to take RADION properties outside or to replace them. This includes glasses and bottles. Possible damage will be recouped from the visitor(s) who caused it.

10. No hassle for our neighbours.
Future entry will be denied to visitors who are to loud, wreck things, leave garbage or urinate in public while leaving RADION.

While leaving RADION, especially at night or in the mornings, it is not allowed to assemble at the parking lot. Take our neighbours into account, be quiet, do not stay in big groups for too long, do not play loud music and try to leave RADION’s parking lot as soon as possible.

11. Use of the cloakroom is obligatory
On Fridays and Saturdays it is obligatory to make use of the cloakroom. We cannot return a coat or bag when you do not have the receipt. By loss of the receipt the visitor will have to wait till the end of the event. RADION is not responsible for objects that are left inside coats or bags.

By entering RADION you accept our house rules.

When you have complaints of any kind you can contact RADION in written form within a week after the event took place.

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