Alec Bryar

Dutch // AMW.FM



Alec Bryar was born in Amsterdam on the 15th of April, 1975.
He was a young and talented boxer in the 90’s with a booming entrance.
He always enjoyed and got energy from performing his best for his fans and audience in sports, which in turn lit the spark to also share his love of house music with others.

In his younger days he was exposed to house music when he went to clubs such as iT, ROXY and MAZZO in Amsterdam and that is where it started:
his love and passion for house music.

The inspiration that sparked his creativity within music and DJ’ing was and still is making people feel good and happy with the nicest beats.
Alec loves the soulful groovy bass and soon he started to buy the vinyl records to spin at home.

He found his passion to use and play these tracks at private parties-the more people dancing to the beats, the merrier.
Alec never gave up his love for music, always happy to load/plug-in his music and turn up the speakers, to create that good vibe….

Follow your dreams, without a dream you cannot accomplish your goals…

Alec has his own unique style of music genres.
He has a preference for soulful/funky grooves, which is timeless and accessible for all ages.
With a lot of positive energy and an open mind, Alec is able to easily see what his audience wants and needs.
Alec Bryar is determined to take his crowd on a journey by spreading the “good” vibe from his DJ booth.


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